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Hard water is water that contains high amounts of dissolved minerals - mostly calcium and magnesium. The range of water hardness is represented in a scale of 1-15, hard water is generally considered on the scale 11 or higher.

The water in the villages tests at 8.6 -9. Softeners are not required here and as I have stated here in the past that our Whole House Triple filter meets the needs in purifying water here. But since a demand for softeners exist we rather meet that demand and supply a great unit at a reasonable price. As a business we’re not going to lose that market share to others.

In researching many of units available and their respective specifications we chose the Fleck 5800 sxt series.

This water softener is a true professional grade water softening appliance. Fleck has been long known for offering outstanding value and performance to the water treatment professional. Now, this same water softener technology is available to you direct at wholesale pricing. This water softener utilizes the newest technology in a demand regenerated or metered water softener meaning it measures the amount of water being used and only regenerates when necessary. This offers substantial salt and water savings as compared to a less expensive time-clock style water softener.

The resin inside each of this unit is rated at 32,000 grain water softeners is attracted to these calcium and magnesium minerals. As the water passes through the Water Softener, the hardness-causing minerals are trapped within the resin. By removing these minerals from your water, it has now been softened. Eventually the resin becomes saturated with hardness minerals and can't remove any more. At this point the water softener enters its regeneration cycle. During this process the resin is first rinsed with water. Then a salt solution is drawn from the brine tank and pushed slowly through the water softener resin. This causes the resin to release the hardness minerals. Finally, the resin is rinsed again with regular water. Now the resin has been recharged and the water softener is ready again. Our unit is warrantied for 10 Years on Resin Tank, Brine Tank, 5 Years on Electronics, Valves and All Other Parts.


We did the comparison shopping for you, these systems are compared on the following criteria.

  • Grain capacity others use 20,000 ours is 32,000
  • Cubic capacity others use ¾ yard size, ours is 1 full yard
  • Metered timed recharge control, others use timed they cost less use and waste more water
  • Ours is the high tech metered meaning it measures the water used before recharging the media.
  • Others use built in carbon or an external canister, most often none. Others advocate that their carbon (coal based or bituminous) last 5 years. They lack a true understanding of water chemistry, carbons in filtration have a max life of 18 months beyond that the effectiveness degrades dramatically, we see this happen very often in aquariums, at that point in time the carbon promotes bacteria growth.

Others sell the lesser units mentioned above for $1,800 to $5,500 or more

Another combo is a softener $995 + our whole house filter triple whole house filter for ($575 but the combo) price of only $1535.

This is for standard a installation

We are a company operated by a resident of TV charging only fair prices, proudly serving many happy TV customers, support us, give us a call to discuss your needs.

There other options available. call 352.566.2649

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