Our Whole House Filter


Our Triple Whole House Filter The GOLD standard in The Villages

The purpose of this 3 stage filter is to first remove sediment in your drinking or potable water this is designed in two stages a coarse grade and then a fine grade.

How it works: Water that appears cloudy or turbid is caused by particulates (such as rust, sand, heavy metals, or clay) found in your  water, sediment filters will remove those suspended solids; particulate matter.

In general terms, filters of this type are sieving devices. They are like nets that catch and hold particles that are too large to pass through the holes in their surface. Our filter will remove particles as small as Talcum Powder, that’s very small. 

Our Whole House filters will work great but shouldn't exceed about 26,000 gallons of use. You can easily review your water bills to see how much you use on avverage or have us install a meter for greater accuracy. 

This filter has two pressure gauges for the differential pressure to indicate when there's a major problem they are not there to tell you when the filters need to changed.
Example the water department shut off the supply or a underground pipe in the water main broke, loading the first stage with sand or sediment the gauge will indicate a higher Psi on one side. Your hot water heater expansion tank ruptured the Psi will indicate 100+.

So the gauges serve as safeguard to protect your home.

Next the water free of sediments is passed thru stage 3 the carbon filter bloc, having removed the sediment beforehand allows the carbon to effectively do what it should without clogging up with that sediment.
Just putting in a carbon filter alone isn’t nearly as effective.

Carbon filter stage 3
The carbon removes bad tastes and odors, including chlorine. Also can substantially reduce many hazardous contaminants, including heavy metals such as copper, lead and mercury; disinfection byproducts; parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium; pesticides; radon; and volatile organic chemicals such as methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE), dichlorobenzene and trichloroethylene (TCE).

The following lists of features are what combine to create the type of filter that will remove the widest range of possible contaminants in the drinking water:
• Mechanical straining: the block of carbon mechanically strains out dirt, sediment, rust, algae, bacteria, microscopic worms, cryptosporidia and asbestos. 
• This is all accomplished by water pressure so no electricity is required. 
• Chemical bonding: As explained earlier, activated carbon bonds to thousands of chemicals. In fact, carbon will bond to most chemicals known to man! 
• Health-providing trace minerals like dissolved calcium and magnesium do not bond to carbon and are allowed to pass through, thereby retaining the health quality and good taste of the water.
• Prevention of bacterial growth: Bacteria are strained out and remain on the outside of the carbon block. Therefore, because of the density and lack of oxygen and space inside the block, bacteria cannot breed in the medium and come out in the finished water.

I have designed and custom built this system since 1999 for very delicate aquarium fish & live corals that are far more sensitive to water quality than we are, it works great.

Our Ethics

1. We  NEVER  insult your intelligence by asking to let us test your water. Accurate water testing can only be done in a certified Laboratory. 

2. The Villages Water Department provides its residents with their certified testing results. 

3. We  NEVER send highly commissioned, high pressure sales people, knocking on your door, raising & lowering prices as the sale dictates or
with harassing phone calls & visits.

We have one base price and advertise them online and in the Daily Sun 

4. We  NEVER  represent our Company as any type of Florida Water Testing using multiple mailings (without Florida State affiliation) the disclaimers in fine print on the post cards) is independent from your local water utility

5. Our Nova Whole House Water Filtration System eliminates the primary, distressing problems associated with your water. It removes the chemicals & sediments that cause the odor, bad taste & spotting caused by the build up of sediments.  

6. Our Whole House Water Filtration System provides you with clean, healthy, safe water. Our Nova  Water Softener will remove the minerals, however we will not recommend only a Softener or one that contains any type of sub standard filter.  

7. As proud Village residents ourselves. our mission is to carry forward our impeccable reputation, providing our customers with high quality water systems, straight forward educative information and consistent fair affordable pricing.

8. No mandatory service contracts

9. We don't sell Salt-free Softeners see this link why we don't