No salt softeners

Don’t Invest in a Salt-Free Softener

...there is no such thing as a salt-free softener.

Selling “salt-free water softeners” is a marketing trick, many “softener” companies are selling devices which they call “salt-free water softeners.”  The truth is: they do not soften the water – they don’t even come close!

Their selling what they call “salt-free water softeners. How?


They say they soften the water without salt while leaving the beneficial minerals.  Soft water is “water where the hard minerals (calcium and magnesium) have been removed”.  But the salt-free marketing guys say that their process leaves the beneficial minerals.  Sure, including calcium and magnesium . So, if it doesn’t not soften water, it shouldn’t be called a “WATER SOFTENER.”  Yet, that is exactly what they call it.

The way these work they suspend the (calcium and magnesium) they do not remove them. they bind these minerals together. I asked that direct question This is important because if you’re expecting to experience truly “soft” water after installing your NuvoH2O, you’re likely to be disappointed.Therefore, they do not in fact soften water

That’s just a marketing scheme designed to trick you into buying their product.

Only a salt or potassium chloride-based water softener removes the calcium and magnesium.

I am amazed that these companies like Nuvo H2O, Pelican & Rhino continue to get away with their deception and charge upwards of $3,000+




It’s impossible for me to compare our systems to Aquasana salt-free water softeners and their carbon filters for a few reasons:


  1. We do not have a “salt-free water softener;”
  2. What Aquasana calls  a “salt-free softener” does not soften the water;
  3. We do not have a whole house carbon filter with as small amount of carbon in it as Aquasana; and
  4. We do not have sediment cartridge filters as small as theirs.


A homeowner who purchased an Aquasana Rhino and salt-free water softener had his water tested at a certied lab and discovered it was not “soft.”  He contacted Aquasana and was told “that while it is called a softener, it really doesn’t ‘soften’ the water, it just helps prevent scale”.  Then why call it a “softener” if it doesn’t “soften” the water?  In his case, he would not have bought it if they had not called it a “softener.” 


Carbon filters are one of the best ways to remove chlorine, chemicals and pesticides from the water, but in order to do so, it takes “prolonged contact” with the carbon… and the more carbon, the better! This is where Aquasana falls short again.  Our filters are much bigger and therefore, contain dramatically more carbon! 

Last point, their cartridge filters are 2-1/2″ x 10″ or 2-1/2″ x 20.”  We call those filters “point-of-use” filters (like for a sink), not whole house filters.  Our whole house cartridge filters are 5″ x 24″ filters designed for high flow rates. Aquasana also uses “string” filters which are old school.  We use polyester sediment filters dramatically better. Using a string filter to filter sediment is like using a screen door to stop wind!