About Us


We are a family owned & operated business since 1974

I want to thank all my clients for trusting us with their water filtration systems, for the past seven years. 

You may have read my background has been designing and installing water filtration systems for reef aquariums since 1974 on Long Island. Fish actually require better water quality then people. 

As a fellow Village resident  I understand the water chemistry & quality here in The Villages.

So it is with that background I can offer superior filtration options on three levels designed & calibrated for this water.

Our proprietary custom designed Triple Whole House Filter is the mainstay of this business and have installed almost 5000 in The Villages having positive reviews not only on Talk of the Villages & Next Door Neighbor more importantly but word of mouth recommendations. see link

Our Whole House Filter costs only $599 installed (+tax)

We also offer Reverse Osmosis (also called an RO) filters with are 5 stage filters mounted adjacent to your kitchen sink for the purest water. We offer designer faucets to complement your existing faucet or sink.

We can offer these with better quality at only $475! (Granite counters slightly higher)

We install water softeners for only $899.
However, while there are some benefits I think our Triple Whole House filter meets the needs here.

But those that wish to have a softener and Whole House Filter we can combine the two.

Thanks to the overwhelming demand my son Brad has decided to relocate here four years ago to expand the business, he is a Navy Vet and has working experience in the family run Aquarium stores for over 20 Years.

For further info and details please call